Machine capability information for

PQ^2 and shot parameter calculations.


Recorded by:_________________________Date:_________________________


Division/location ________________________________________________________


Machine manufacturer ________________________________________________________


Rated tonnage ________________________________________________________


Machine number or cell number ________________________________________________________


Shot cylinder diameter ________________________________________________________


Maximum dry shot velocity, inches / second,(IPS), (millimeter / second) ________________________________________________________


Accumulator pressure for dry shot. ________________________________________________________

(This is the gage reading just prior to the shot)


Maximum slow shot velocity, inches / second, (IPS), (millimeter / second) ________________________________________________________


For zinc machines only. Tail rod diameter. This is the small rod sticking out of the top of the machine. On B&T hot chamber machines this is usually 1" standard. This reduces the effective piston area. ________________________________________________________


Also on zinc machines. The stroke is a fixed number. Shot cylinder stroke ________________________________________________________

Note: By providing the above, metal at the gate (P1) becomes a fixed number for zinc machines.


Maximum intensifier pressure. (PSI) This can be calculated or from pressure traces. ________________________________________________________



For UBE machines or Lester machines with pre-fill system only, provide the shot rod diameter. ________________________________________________________