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Die Casting Process Design tool for die casting.

 Who uses Dr. Die Cast?

  • Sales, tooling engineers, process engineers and technicians, and plant management.


 Why use Dr. Die Cast?

·        The "Black Art" die cast set-up person has for years controlled the die casting field.

o       In many cases, he was successful.

o       In others, the quality fluctuated wildly.

o       Generally, he is able to make enough adjustments to produce acceptable castings.

o       The problem is, when asked how he was successful getting a certain job to run, he could not tell you which specific parameter or parameters he adjusted to generate the "good" casting.

o       Furthermore, his learning curve was 15 to 20+ years. If given an understudy, the only solution was to follow and observe him closely for a similar length of time.

o       When he went on vacation, problems occurred.

o       Even your customers knew when he took time off.

·         This is not a criticism of individuals or companies. It simply recognizes an industry wide condition.

o       Given the opportunity to learn the newer methods, most people are thrilled as they become more productive.

·        Given this experience, I sought to distill the experience to the "Key variables", both inputs and outputs.

o       The Software was created to fill the need for a quick, easy way to accurately calculate the critical die casting parameters.

o       The inputs had to be easily measured.

o       The software needed to be easy to use without special programming skills.

o       The language and terminology had to be commonly understood by die casting personnel at all levels and in various parts of the world.

o       In its ideal application, the set-up person can make the calculations immediately next to the die casting machine.

§        Then take traces to confirm the process settings.

§        Inspect the castings thoroughly to confirm quality.

o       Pricing had to be reasonable.

o       Updates must be customer driven.

·        Additionally:

o       Sales and management repeatedly overlook the machine shot end capacity.

§        This consists of the shot end fast shot and intensification capabilities.

§        They are:

·        Maximum fast shot velocity

·        Maximum slow shot velocity

·        Maximum intensifier pressure

·        Minimum intensifier rise-time

§        (In one instance, we were forced to go to a 4 cavity tool to produce the required volume. However, the fast shot on every machine we owned was too slow. So concurrent to building the new 4 cavity tool, the shot end was modified to double its fast shot capability. When the tool arrived, it ran successfully, delivering the same quality as it had with the original 2 cavity tool.)

o       As a maintenance tool.

§        The machine capability under load (wet shots) can be predicted. This is a valuable aid when diagnosing worn or broken hydraulic components.

·        And finally, why the name, "Dr. Die Cast".

o       As a Plant Mgr. In 1991, I had a very young crew. I was training the entire die casting department. One of the students, commented to the owner, "That guy is "Dr. Die Cast"!  The name stuck, and from then on, co-workers called me Dr. Bob. It was only natural that the software that was a distillation of 35 years of experience should carry the name.


See what our satisfied users say about Dr. Die Cast: 

 "This is the most productive tool we own!" M. Brown, Port City Die Cast

"Thanks for an excellent tool! Now everyone in the organization can get an understanding of parameter cause and effect. Finally a cookbook approach to Die Cast Development." J. Uhrman, London, England


Purchase and application information:

Each copy of Dr. Die Cast Software is customized to your particular machinery and plant. Therefore it is only available directly from McClintic & Associates.

System Requirements:

Microsoft Excel 2013 or above

Ram: 1 GIG or above


Generally 2 weeks


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