Type of Client/Customer

American Axle Manufacturing Consulting, Design for Manufacturing Training, Problem Solving

Alloy Die Casting Corp. Consulting, Training

Argos Manufacturing, Consulting, troubleshooting

Arris, formerly Antec Corporation Consulting, Training, vendor Review

  Autoliv Consulting, Process Control Training, Equipment and Infrastructure Review

Beyonics Technology, Consulting, Process Control Training

Black & Decker & Dewalt, Consulting, Tooling development

Bridgeport Fittings   Consulting, Process Engineering, Machine Hydraulics Training, Machine and Infrastructure Review

BYD Company Limited, Consulting, Tooling, Machine and Process Control Training

Cascade Die Casting Group Project Engineering, Tooling development, Gating & Cooling Design, Software

Camatic Pty Ltd Consulting, Tooling management, Gating and Cooling System Design

, Chrysler, Kokomo Casting Plant, Consulting, Plant Engineering and Infrastructure Review.

     Cisco     Consulting, Design for Manufacturing, Tooling and gating development

Citation Corp Consulting, Process Engineering Training, Machine Review

Componenta (Formerly Doktas), Process Control Training

 Creco Corporation    Consulting, Process Control Training. Equipment and Infrastructure Review

D1 Mold & Tool, Software and training

 Deco Products Consulting, Process Control Training. Equipment and Infrastructure Review

Delphi Automotive  Consulting, Process Engineering Training, Machine Review

deta!ls See Steelcase, Products, "Worktools" Consulting, Design for Manufacturing

Dixline Corp., Consulting, Training, Software, Tooling Management, Gating design, Project Management, Automation Implementation.

Dwyer Instruments, Consulting, Training, Tooling and gating development

Dynacast, Process Training

Flexovit, Consulting, Machine and Tooling Troupleshooting

Fort Recovery Industries, Consulting, Software, Process Control Training, Tooling and Gating development

Future Die Casting, Software and Training

GHSP, Product Development, Design for Manufacturing

Global Contract Manufacturing, Design for Manufacturing

GM Powertrain, Consulting

Great Lakes Die Cast Corp, formerly Dilesco Corporation New Facility Project Management, Software

HandEra, Consulting, Design for Manufacturing

Hanson Mold  Gating design Review for third party customer

  Buell Motorcycle Division of Harley-Davidson, Consulting, Design for Manufacturing

Hoffmann Die Cast Corp.  Consulting, Process improvement training, Tooling evaluation

Hubbell TayMac, Product Development.

Hyatt Die Cast, Training, Process development


Kawasaki Motor Manufacturing, Consulting, Process training, Machine Review, Software

Kitchen Quip Casting, Consulting, Process Training

Magic Precision, Gating, Tooling Development

Training, Software, Consulting

Michigan Automotive Compressor (MACI), Training, Process Development

NOKIA, Consulting, Design for Manufacturing, Process Design Training, Supplier Development

Ohio Dec / Ken-Dec   Gating design, Product development assistance, Design for manufacturing

OXO  Product development assistance, Design for manufacturing

Pace Industries Software, Consulting

Magnesium injection molding, Consulting, Software, Process Development

Port City Group Process Engineering Training, Productivity improvement, Identify critical suppliers, Software

  Sigma Electric, Tooling, Gating and Cooling Engineering, Process Design and Engineering Training

Steelcase  Supplier Review, Design for manufacturing

Takata, Process Development Training

Tippmann Industries, and Tippman Pneumatics: Process Development Training

The TORO Company, Process Development, Process Engineering Training

TRU Die Cast Corp. Process Engineering Training, Machine Review, Software

Truxes Company, Design for Manufacturing, Product and Process Development

 Tucson Precision, Division of Walbro, Process Review and Training

WaterPik, Design for Manufacturing, Product Review

Wrex Products, Tooling, Gating and Process Design assistance, New Process start up assistance.

Yoder Industries Process Engineering Training, Machine Review, Software

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